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A circle is the greatest symbol of eternity and completion. Lustrous rings truly do signify the notions and intentions of the wearer and grant them a fragment of forever. The Turquoise rings by James Viana are a perfect example of jewellery being more than just an accessory.

Known as a purification stone, when embedded in rings it is believed to dispel negative energy and extend protection against external influences. Balancing all the chakras precisely, Turquoise stabilises mood swings and instils inner calm. Excellent aid for depression, it has the power to prevent panic attacks. Not only this, but it is also a symbol of friendship and stimulates romance.

Guiding and helming this collection, the Turquoise is our showstopper. A gemstone of dynasties, it was used as far back as the ancient Chinese and also by Native Americans who carved their most precious jewellery from it. It was and remains to this day, a calling card of those noble in thought and character. Reflected in the blues of the Turquoise lie the images of supremacy.

Nothing rings truer than a set of well-designed rings. James Viana brings to you an opportunity to take your jewellery collection higher and flaunt your Turquoise rings everywhere you go. Purchasing any of these rings will undoubtedly be a delightful choice!

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