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Turquoise has been treasured for many years. The ancient Egyptians adorned themselves with alluring turquoise jewellery. This charming gemstone was mined 6,000 years ago in Sinai, and it came to Europe via Turkey.

With an inspiring history and eye-catching hue, there’s more than a hint of beauty in the air when you’ve got on the sumptuous Turquoise Pendants by James Viana. Gleam and glitter well beyond the ordinary and bring the inner you out! These gorgeous designs have been made for the purpose of being displayed as your most prized possessions, matchless in every aspect of cut, clarity and colour.

Flamboyant yet sophisticated, these pendants are engraved with the highest grade Turquoise gemstones mined truly at their source. Known as a sacred stone of the Native Americans as it possesses many powers, it was used even in ancient times to carve precious display pieces and good luck charms. A gemstone of courage and friendship, it is believed to bring you immense happiness. And is an ideal gift for the 11th wedding anniversary.

Known connoisseurs of fine gemstone quality, our experts at James Viana have given particular attention to these gemstones to ensure they become the perfect gift. Present these pendants to your loved one and watch as their joy unfolds! If ever there was an epitome of splendour, this is it.

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