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One of the oldest protection amulets, Turquoise was prominently known as the symbol of wealth in history. Fostering strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spiritual world it was believed to be the harbinger of peace and positivity.

Blessed with magical healing properties Turquoise is believed to neutralise hyper-acidity, cure stomach problems and viral infections, enhance muscular strength, subside pain, relax painful cramps, and detoxify the body.

Let the magic of the Turquoise grab hold of you, as you wear these magnificent necklaces designed by James Viana. Numerous varieties adorned with the kind of intricate detailing you can appreciate, these aren’t just mere accessories. They are the image of perfection, rarest of the rare, alluring to any who sets their gaze upon them.

First found and transported through the regions of Turkey, this gemstone now has an iconic colour named after it. One of the most exceptional gemstones on the planet, the Turquoise also has almost celestial patterns on its surface that reflect a sky full of stars or an ocean ever-churning. It is a natural gift bestowed only to those who are worthy.

Indeed, you truly are worthy, which is exactly why James Viana has carved these necklaces to glorify your beauty. Leave the mundane everyday world behind and travel to a land of azure opulence, yours to command. What more could you ask? These Turquoise Necklaces are the answer you’ve been searching for.

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