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Extremely popular throughout history, many cultures believed that Turquoise is charged with mystical properties, primarily healing and spiritual qualities. The mesmerising azure is said to bring prosperity and joy, especially when the gemstone is embedded in jewellery and is given as a gift. Ranging from light to medium blue and green shades, it is often dotted with brown, dark Gray or black veins. This veining is called a cobweb, Edison site, spiderweb or egg shell.

Capturing every attribute of the gem, these jewellery sets by James Viana inspire celestial notions of beauty, drawing from the magnificence of the Turquoise gemstone. A formidable and top-notch star cast of jewellery pieces assembled by James Viana, these sets will be your ideal companion. Discover exquisite elegance as your peers marvels at your Turquoise jewellery!

Take a look at the sky and the stars as you gaze into the surface of the Turquoise gemstone. You will feel calm, collected, powerful and lucky as the Turquoise gemstone comes in contact with your skin. You’ll have infinite reasons to keep your Turquoise jewellery on, wherever you go!

Bringing together the magic in the most beautiful way possible, these sets are the stuff of fairy tales. Brought to life by the excellent artisans and the most precious gemstones, they are what dreams are made of. James Viana is proud to present this most marvellous of collections, now just for you.  

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