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Cerulean is a magnificent colour isn’t it? A combination of the clearest of blue skies and purest of sea-green, it is also the colour that characterises the brilliant Turquoise gemstone. Engraved ever so delicately in our collection of beautiful earrings, the Turquoise truly gets its due.

A part of a Tibetan secret passed down through generations; the Turquoise is believed to have incredibly potent healing powers that have granted it immense value over the years. Also crafted into precious mosaics and iconic pieces of jewellery, the Turquoise does indeed have an illustrious history and metaphysical to share.

Scientifically it is believed to enhance the immune system, and heal the entire body. It is a magnificent stone prominently known for drawing out negative vibrations from a person and fostering spirituality. Hence, various manuscripts have revealed that Turquoise helps to ground the wandering rebellious spirit. It allows the energy path to remain open and by wearing it the human mind becomes one with the universe. And when embedded in jewellery can you imagine the realm of positive effects it can bestow its inheritor with?

With so many earring designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit with James Viana. Our assurance of quality is a promise to use only the best Turquoise gemstones ingrained carefully into the designs. You’ll feel nothing but endless delight upon wearing these earrings!

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