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Turquoise is one of the most sought-after gemstones since ages. It has remedial properties and is very effective. The Turquoise Gems helps in enhancing the wearer's communication, sense of speech and self-expression. The Turquoise Gemstones, when embedded in jewellery as stone, ring, bracelet or pendant it helps in improving self-confidence and cures depression.

Add elegance to your wrist and subtlety in your look, the Turquoise bracelets are those all round accessories that you’ve been looking for. Beauty beyond compare, just like you, they are the missing link that will complete your journey towards perfection. As breathtaking and limitless as the skies, these designs by James Viana are made for a soul without boundaries.

An effluent symbol of many royal dynasties, the Turquoise carries significance, unlike most other gemstones. Ruled by Neptune and Venus Turquoise is not only an efficient healer but also provides solace to the wearer.

It is a great harbinger of courage and healing, thus adorning countless homes and workplaces. Hence, its beauty will aid in clearing your mind and sharpening the senses as well!

A lady’s best friend, the perfect bracelet says so much about your personality without even speaking. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you put on these wondrous Turquoise Bracelets from James Viana. It is all that you deserve and more!

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