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Turquoise fascinated by the kings, shamans, and warriors is the oldest stone known to mankind. Derived from the French,  Pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone its novel blue shade, often bluish-green, grants it the name, Turquoise.

Since time immemorial it is renowned as the stone of faith, strength and protection, yet soothing to the touch and healing to the eyes as if it has been carved from heaven and slipped onto the earth.

The calming azure and sea-green of the Turquoise are a sight to behold. A gemstone placed in a heritage of royalty and nobility, it is one of the most popular elements of jewellery today. It’s glitter and sparkle instantly draw the eyes and entice the senses while the designs by James Viana are a perfect match for this classic gemstone.

Adorning some of the most famous monuments and kings of the age gone by, the Turquoise can be found on King Tutankhamun's mask as well. The gemstone was worshipped by the Egyptians as a symbol of regeneration and restoration, and so it adorned almost every aspect of their lives.

The Turquoise jewellery by James Viana includes some of the best necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more designed to utmost perfection. With the beauty of the Turquoise at their heart, they simply deliver on every aspect imaginable. Let this royal gemstone now embellish and add sheen to your collection.

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