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At times, it is impossible to comprehend what the right choice may be while at other times it is as clear as daylight. James Viana’s Topaz Necklaces fall into the latter category as they are a decision you will always be delighted with! Feel this enticing joy gliding through your body just as you start wearing these necklaces.

For this is one of the great qualities of the Topaz! It can imbibe in you a nearly endless feeling of positivity and happiness. It calms down the very nerve centres of your body and helps you to focus on all that is beautiful in the world. Uranus is the ruling planet for Topaz Gems.

Inherited as jewellery stone, ring, pendant or bracelet

Topaz can unblock the Sahashara Chakra i.e. located at the central point of the crown of the head. Thus enhancing the wearer's memory and outlook towards life. The Topaz is indeed the ideal companion to turn any negative day around.

The only thing that will keep you wondering is the infinite variety of choices that James Viana houses in its collection. The rainbow of colours, cuts and designs will leave you with a delightful conundrum of what to pick! Now that is a decision that is worth making.

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