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A flawless mosaic only appears so when its individual piece is perfectly crafted and placed. Similarly, the matchless Topaz Jewellery Sets from James Viana, are an amalgamation of the most special gemstones intricately weaved together. Designed to modern specifications and trends while still having a tinge of nostalgia about them, they will make a fine addition to your collection. Only a few select Topaz gemstones have been used by James Viana to bring this collection to life. A symbol beauty in rarity, the Topaz has been made the heart of this collection due to its ability to protect the wearer in adverse situations. It also adds that intangible elegance to your visage. If constantly worn, Topaz is said to foster fidelity and friendship. It is also believed to be an effective charm that protects against accident and fire and brings increased intuition and long life. Available in distinct forms viz. colourless, blue, yellow, green, red - pink,  brown, orange, and grey, each of the variant possesses a distinct set of values.

With these avant-garde jewellery pieces forming the ideal assemblage of accessories, you’ll be ready to dazzle your peers. No matter your outfit or the occasion, you will be poised to achieve the image you always wanted. James Viana is your companion in fulfilling your each and every wish and these sets is truly a dream come true.

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