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Can you imagine adorning a painstakingly put together delicate wardrobe with earrings that just don’t compliment the effort? We thought not. Which is why the Topaz earrings by James Viana are what you want! Able to effortlessly bring together any look and make it more perfect, these earrings are your signature style.

The Greeks and Romans admired topaz as a gemstone. They believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. It was also said to change its colour in the presence of poison in food or drink. Spiritually it was said to bring protection to the deities. When embedded in jewellery it was believed to bring in spiritual love, peace, hope, creativity, individuality, and true love.

Precious with some colours being exceedingly rare, the Topaz is as flexible as it is exquisite. It’s available in many varieties of cuts that will give your collection the diversity it needs. Fire and passion enraptured and captured, the Topaz is a story of desires fulfilled.

No effort has been spared by the experienced craftsman at James Viana to give the Topaz a brilliant sheen and endow it with wonderful designs. Weaved beautifully into refined designs of earrings, the gemstone shines brightly than it ever has. You now truly have the means to complete the look you want.

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