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Topaz is a symbol of wisdom and foresight, friendship and love, honesty and fidelity, tenderness and purity. Amongst the variety of colours available, the most valuable are red-violet and red-orange Topazes.

Yellow Topaz is considered as the Birthstone for the Month of November, and Blue Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December. It is also said that to dream of Topaz brings in positivity and fortune in one's life.

The instantly recognisable amber-gold hue of the Topaz has given it widespread popularity. Adorning past monuments of royalty to give them their timeless effect, it is now one of the most popular gemstones in jewellery making. James Viana has taken the Topaz and restored it to its former glory through this jewellery collection.

A favourite in the ancient days, the Topaz is said to impart the wearer with many powers. The Greeks adorned it to increase their strength and even improve eyesight while the Egyptians wore Topaz amulets to protect themselves from negativity. Even today, the Topaz holds sway and hints of power for anyone who wears it.

Choose your favourite Topaz jewellery from James Viana’s collection including faultless pendants, enchanting earrings, beautiful bracelets, magnificent necklaces and more. Peruse to your delight and you will indeed find the one you fall in love with. After all, the Topaz will be a splendid addition to your jewellery collection.

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