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Tanzanite is renowned as the "stone of magic". It is attributed to spiritual awareness and fosters psychic insight. It is also called the "workaholic's stone", only because it helps one slow down and take it easy. Associated to the throat and third eye chakras Tanzanite relieves stress and depression and enhances composure, poise, and harmony. It is also said to transmute negativity.

Let the blue hue of the Tanzanite add magic to your jewellery collection. These Tanzanite rings are made to be the bold fashion statement that you want around your fingers. James Viana assures the quality of these gemstones as avant-garde in every facet and leaves no room for complaint.

Found only in one place in the world, the Tanzanite is indeed greatly coveted by gemstone enthusiasts and ardent jewellery collectors. Named the “Gemstone of the 20th Century”, it’s beauty has been widely celebrated ever since. Exuding a mystical aura, similar to the place of its origin, it truly is a unique gemstone.

A complete image of never ending quality and enchantment, these Tanzanite rings by James Viana will fulfil your desires. Intricate and detailed, these rings will quickly become your most beloved possession. Whether you want them for their mystical quality of ethereal beauty, you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.

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