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Since inception, Tanzanite the stunning, attractive, and highly radiant gemstone is said to possess strange and unusual cosmological powers. This alluring gemstone is said to be lively and cheerful, helping to lift depression and support through difficult times.

Tanzanite is highly valuable and ensures that there is a strong connection between good communication and clairvoyance. Intellectually it enhances the logic and physically it heals skin disorders, ailments of the eyes, migraine and hearing problems.

While it may come in numerous shapes and sizes and reflect so many beautiful hues, the Tanzanite is truly as rare as they come. A gemstone that will form a worthy addition to any collection, these pendants showcase its best qualities. James Viana takes pride in bringing you impeccable designs and matchless gemstones.  

A relatively recent addition to the gemstone family, the Tanzanite has grown in popularity exponentially. A quite delicate gemstone, it occurs in purple overtones giving its variety of blue a peculiar characteristic. This incredible effect often leaves observers catching their breath.

James Viana has utilised these graceful and exquisite gemstones to design pendants that will be your eternal, beautiful companions. No matter the reason, whenever you wear them, their flawlessness will only add to yours. There truly can be no greater compliment to your taste.

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