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Extraordinary to behold and scarce in availability, the Tanzanite has an aura of magic around it. Mined singularly from the mountainous regions of Kilimanjaro, the Tanzanite is quickly becoming a popular gemstone to possess. Now is indeed the moment to choose your favourite Tanzanite necklace.

Ranging from a dark azure to a vibrant violet, the Tanzanite is acclaimed for its ability to play with the light. Its tendency to take on multiple colours makes it suitable for any occasion, whether formal or casual. Authentic Tanzanites, like the ones embedded in these necklaces, are said to possess the potential to awaken hidden abilities in the wearer.

Tanzanite is also known for strengthening the immune system, stimulating life via regeneration of cells, detoxifying the blood, improving vitality and treating psychological problems like anxiety, stress. Medically it is also said to protect against medical side effects and surgical interventions.

Reflecting all the magical attributes of this radiant and valuable gemstone, these intricately designed necklaces will deserve being at the crown of your jewellery collection. Your peers will truly be stunned at their splendour, making you the centre of attraction no matter where you pass. One can expect nothing less than that from a James Viana masterpiece.

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