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There’s something quite magnificent about bringing the rarest gemstone together in a jewellery set of unique individuality. The Tanzanite gets the royal treatment by James Viana to create a melange of breath-taking jewellery, all in one embellished jewellery box. Enchanting to behold, you will fall in love at first sight, and never wish to look away.

A sparkle that has a character all of its own, the Tanzanite has a singular disposition among its gemstone brethren. That of elegance in singularity and simplicity. Its azure blues and lackadaisical violets merge to form a hitherto unknown meaning of beauty. Any wearer of these sets will be a sight like no other.

Tanzanite jewellery when worn with gold, beautifully blends in the energies of the sun and the moon. Embedded in any piece of jewellery, it has the potential of stealing hearts. Echoing ones refined taste and high sense of aesthetics, Tanzanite is a gemstone for connoisseurs of fine taste.

Like collecting a treasure over time, these Tanzanite jewellery sets have been assembled by James Viana after careful consideration. Each aspect made to blend flawlessly with the other; they are akin to the embodiment of royalty and individuality. We hope that these jewellery sets bring infinite joy to your collection and your personality.

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