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Tanzanite, owing to its blue colour is indeed the “Jewel of the Nile.” This radiant stone is considered as precious and very expensive as the Tanzanite deposits are only found in Merelani hills. Some minor deposits are also found near Kenya.

There is truly something dazzling about these Lavender Blue gemstones that one can’t put into words. The Tanzanite gemstone is desired for it's uniquely lustrous sheen as well as its scarcity in nature. Owning any of these Tanzanite earrings is a true moment of pride.

Said to induce calming and soothing feelings, the Tanzanite is believed to harness the communication abilities. It is the perfect gemstone to aid in therapeutic healing as well as matters of the heart. It extends its effects not only to the wearer but also to those in proximity to the gemstone.

Research has revealed that if this stone is inherited in combination with Golden Selenite and Azurite, the healing energy of these stones will bestow its power and help one conquer his subconscious mind and foster positivity in ones mental, emotional and physical behaviour.

James Viana has taken this uncommon and brilliant gemstone and ingrained in beautifully into our sophisticated earring designs. Presented wonderfully in an embellished jewellery box, these earrings will bring each of your looks to life. Let the brilliance of the Tanzanite now lay in your jewellery collection.

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