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Since time immemorial, Rings are regarded as a symbol of commitment. Various cultures believed it to be a pledge of love and agreement. Not only this, the prominence of inheriting a ring on a particular finger varies from culture to culture. It was always believed that the vein of love was situated on the fourth finger of the left hand.  This vein connected directly to the heart. Due to this belief, both engagement rings and wedding rings have always been placed on this particular finger of the wedded couple.

French were the pioneers in making rings a romantic gift. Tracing back to the 16th century, the Frenchmen presented their lady love with Gimmal rings. These rings were designed with a tiny slit in the gold. On the wedding day during the groom would remove his ring and give it to the bride. She would then wear both the rings together as one. This was her wedding band.

Just like a circle represents eternity, our collection of Silver Rings promises to add to your everlasting radiance. Adorned with precious earth mined gemstones, they are a symbol of eternal beauty.

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