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Necklaces have been adorned since ages. Originated around forty thousand years ago they have always symbolised a person’s wealth and stature.

It is during the Middle Ages; jewellery became an integral component of dress.  In the early Renaissance and late Gothic era, the necklaces replaced brooches as the primary form of jewellery.

While from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries through the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries necklaces set with gemstones and heavy gold chain necklaces with pendants were in style as a distinction of wealth and social status. While the Greek and Roman adorned the bead work collars. History reveals that each period displays a unique necklace design.  Some of the necklace designs are still in demand.

Be it the royal Maharaja necklace from India or the heart of the ocean necklace featured in the movie Titanic, time and again the love for timeless neck-pieces has been shown. In order to capture that yearning for stunning necklaces, we have utilised our expertise in crafting amulets of glory for you.

Add charm and natural beauty to your outfit with our alluring collection of Silver Necklaces. The perfect companion for a glamorous evening, it can even be the centrepiece of your accessories. These necklaces are crafted only to make you feel proud.

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