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Clasp my love around your neck,

Wear my heart on your finger.

My soul will be your pendant,

I live to adorn you -

You're the precious one.

- Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration.

Silver Jewellery Sets from James Viana are a perfect combination of accessories that will not only give you a glimpse of divinity but will complement your attire. No need for compromises, you're every desire will be fulfilled by this collection.

Available in varied designs the jewellery sets by James Viana will surely delight you. Intertwined with expertise and unmatched sophistication, the sets are exciting, and exude confidence and a positive vibe.

The phenomenal sterling silver collection showcases our passion for exclusive designs and compelling craftsmanship. The clear straight lines, geometric shapes and fresh designs infuse it with a unique and contemporary look. We carefully select the pieces that bring genuine added value. Our designs revolve around the key concepts of innovation, trend-setting and audacity. James Viana jewellery is intended to exude the charisma of modern women.

Browse through the eclectic collection and choose what resonates your persona the best. All the sets are enveloped in customised packing that elevate the excitement of gifting and takes it onto a new level altogether.


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