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Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewellery interests me.

- Ann Demeulemeester

Jewellery traces its history back to thousands and thousands of years. In the early 1920s, women adorned themselves with geometric pendants, strands of pearls, fashion earrings and diamonds. In 1930s jewellery toned down a bit. While in 1950s diamonds were a rage.  Later on, modern and sleek jewellery replaced the traditional one.

Trends change over time; Vogue has a new definition almost every day but meticulously designed silver jewellery never loses its charm and always retains its style. We at James Viana have pushed our limits to create Sterling Silver Jewellery that oozes class and defines itself. Our contemporary collection raises its bar with the use of eclectic materials, colours, painstaking techniques, expertise, and technology.

Be it bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces our sparkling collection enamoured with expertise and punctuated with perfection is bound to delight you. Surrender to stylishly timeless jewellery crafted only to allure you and beckon your desire to look stunning.

The sparkle of your jewellery should reveal your beautiful soul no matter the occasion. So, choose from an array of pendants, earrings, rings and more among the beautiful collection of Silver Jewellery from James Viana.

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