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John Knight has beautifully illustrated the charm of Sapphire in his poem “Sapphire the birthstone of September.”

He said -

Sapphire Birthstone of September

Bringing calmness - healing tensions

Linked with Zodiac sign of Virgo

Perfecting us in all dimensions.

Energy derived from Saturn

Rings of love and completeness

Fitting in a perfect pattern

Sapphire Birthstone of September

Discover the true meaning of 'forever beautiful' with these enchanting Sapphire Rings from James Viana. Ingrained with valuable gemstones and designed by meticulous hands, these rings will redefine your notions of jewellery with a sparkle. Prepare as your taste in jewellery becomes the topic of discussion among your peers.

Doubtlessly a harmonious blend of love and eternal commitment, nothing would make a better present for your beloved than these Sapphire Rings. Reflecting the tranquil reaches of a calm ocean, the gemstone vows of the deepest form of love. It goes beyond any other gemstone in professing adoration.

Valued as a precious gem since 800 BC, rulers of Persia believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of Sapphire stones. Blue sapphires were worshipped as holy stones in the churches. Not only this, Sapphires were believed to be the stones on which the Ten Commandments were written.

Designed to be a keeper, these Sapphire Rings not only look flawless in these images but will also do so with your finger. You don’t require second thoughts here, the decision you make now will be as priceless as your gemstone. Let James Viana bring you to the rich world of the Sapphires!

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