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Sapphire is among the four precious gemstones, the others being Ruby, Diamond and Emerald. Admired worldwide, it is the gemstone of the 6th Zodiac Sign. Connected to the planet Saturn, Sapphires bestow abundant luck on its wearer. Both spiritually and astrologically high this stunning gem is said to make one charismatic, intuitive and intelligent.

Gaze as the many shades of blue adorn you with all their notions of unique allure and grace. Pendant designs that will leave you astonished and filled with desire, the experts at James Viana have outdone themselves with these Sapphire pendants. Monumental in their magnificence but also incredibly detailed in their make, they are matchless in every aspect.

Crafted for both the rarest of connoisseurs of the most ardent casual fans of the Sapphire, these pendants are a dream come true. Said to imbibe the wearer with some unique abilities and awareness, these gemstones are also a universal symbol of wealth. You definitely cannot go wrong with any of these designs.

Carefully brought together with an eye to the tiniest of details, these pendants pay tribute to the much beloved and cherished Sapphire. They would be an outstanding addition to any jewellery collection and will quickly become your most cherished possessions.

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