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The perfect medley consists of the excellent beats and unparalleled notes of detail. That’s exactly what the collection of Sapphire Jewellery from James Viana brings to you. An assemblage of the finest points that make the Sapphire a gemstone from your dreams, these collections are a true godsend.

As celestial as they are splendid, the enigmatic nature of the Sapphire has often attracted large masses and it still continues to do so.

Earth was believed to be set on Sapphire, and hence, the sky is blue. Various manuscripts reveal that the Ten Commandments were written on this gemstone. The ancient Egyptians associated Sapphire with the 'eye of Horus' i.e. the eye in the sky. The Romans adored it for its mesmerising beauty. This gemstone was inherited by monarchs, as it was believed to possess the traits of wisdom. Whereas, priests thought the Sapphires symbolised purity. Due to its unbelievable power it was used as an antidote for poison and as a cure for various illnesses.

With generations of adoration and imagination almost captured at the surface of this gemstone, the feeling it awakens is unlike any other. It is said to be an embodiment of tranquillity itself.

What better gemstone to adorn and add to your collection than this? Our craftsmen, with their decades of experience, have brought together these sets to be the zenith of fashion and beauty today. It is now on you to choose perfection for yourself, choose wisely.

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