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The truest and bluest of all gemstones, the Sapphire is one of the rarest gems on the planet.

Since the 12th Century, the Sapphire was known as the most appropriate stone for ecclesiastical rings. The kings wore these stones around their neck as they believed that it had all the power to both protect and guard them against the evil. Renowned as the harbinger of good luck, Sir Richard Francis Burton carried a large star sapphire that he showed off to people everywhere he went. In the modern era, the Sapphire became the centre of attraction when Prince Charles proposed Lady Diana with a Sapphire engagement ring.

From the azure skies to the bright blues seas, the Sapphire is indeed a reflection of the beauty of Mother Nature herself. Gloriously, flawless and eternally sought-after, these Sapphire Earrings from James Viana are a symbol of splendour.

Easing the difficult path to spiritual enlightenment, the Sapphire will aid you on your way to peace. It is also said to add to a range of sensory abilities like heightened awareness that we’re otherwise unable to access. Seldom do other gemstones awaken ones senses like the Sapphire.

These earrings by James Viana have been made to the most fashionable trends while keeping in mind a refined, classical sense of jewellery as well. The Sapphires used by James Viana have been handpicked after a careful selection process, to bring you only the highest grade jewellery. Let your earrings be a style statement in themselves, as they are the most assorted pieces from James Viana.

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