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Sapphires are believed to possess the energy of the Saturn - its ruling planet. They are said to glorify and enhance the internal, as well as the external well-being of the inheritor. They are also believed to hold healing powers.

A rare blend of understated yet centrepiece-worthy, these Sapphire Bracelets by James Viana are immaculate to behold and truly magnificent to wear. You no longer need to resort to second-thought accessories to put on your wrist. These bracelets are the style statement that you’ve been waiting for.

A true symbol of royalty and affluence, the Sapphire is famous for adorning both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s collection. These rare gemstones are found in their purest form in only a limited number of places like Kashmir, Ceylon and Burma. Blue being the most eye-catching colour of sapphire, is reminiscent of a cloudless night sky. It is associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith and understanding.

It is these images of utter perfection that have been utilised by James Viana. Made to be with you forever, a Sapphire’s lustre is never said to fade away. Available in attractive designs these bracelets are an exquisite wreath of beautiful Sapphires indeed.

Which is why these Sapphire Bracelets by James Viana are called enduring. Let them show you the real meaning of elegance.

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