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Rings are a beautiful form of jewellery. Each piece has a different identity and narrates a different story altogether. A ring with finesse glorifies the hands. And if accompanied with a gemstone it gives that sparkle to the personality as well.

Ruby in its purest form is encapsulated in James Viana’s beautiful rings. The king of gemstones is handpicked and showcased in these charming pieces. Crafted to perfection the vibrant and dazzling deep Ruby rings are renowned for recharging one's energy levels,  thus stimulating the mind, body and soul.

From classic to bold pieces, each design has been handcrafted by the experts and is as individualistic as you are.

Our unique collection is punctuated with intricate details and is available in every size and style imaginable. The vibrant and captivating ring collection will leave you awestruck! So ring in the passion, protection and prosperity.


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