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John Knight beautifully weaved the attributes of Ruby in his poem 'Ruby birthstone of July'.

He beautifully quoted

“Rubies - rare and blood red gemstones

Beloved of English Kings and Queens

Colour - cut and carat make it

Perfect gift for any lady

For Ruby Wedding - forty years

Rubies tell of love's devotion

Calm our nerves and dry our tears

Hot July has Ruby birthstone

To enhance the Sun's red glow

Linked with Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Symbol - power of clear thinking

Through it focused solar power

Into heart of Ruby wearer

Giving strength for life's decisions

Hot July has Ruby birthstone.”

At the epicentre of your beloved jewellery collection lie the most treasured pendants. The quintessence of passion, love and vitality, these Ruby pendants from James Viana indeed deserve the adoration that you will bestow upon them. A long time in the making, these masterpieces have now achieved perfection.Ingrained so integrally and beautifully at the heart lie the most luscious of Ruby gemstones. The richest rouge in all of the UK, in these rubies you will find prosperity, good health and success in romantic relationships. According to legend, the rarest of rubies are fit to be exchanged for entire cities. Now that is undoubtedly priceless.

Fiery on the surface and virtuous in nature, the Ruby harbours undying affection among all gemstone loves around the globe. It represents a sense of flawlessness that no other gemstone can be said to possess. Being a stone of love, vivacity and passion, Ruby is the undisputed leader in the world of gems.

Being at the helm of the pendants by James Viana, makes them one of our most sought after purchase.

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