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Undoubtedly the most precious of gemstones in the world, the Ruby carries an air of grandeur that is all its own. This badge of nobility now embellishes only the purest of gemstone collections. For these connoisseurs with indelible taste, presenting the Ruby Necklace collection by James Viana.

The most treasured of all gemstones, its vitreous lustre has lent itself to legends of lavishness and affluence with many monarchs utilising distinguished dignitaries to welcome the discovery of a new Ruby.

With its name translating to ‘Ratnaraj’ or ‘The King of the Gemstones’, its greatness is a legacy to behold.

Natural Ruby is one among four “precious” gemstones that include Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire. It is said that if Ruby were flung into water it would cause it to boil, and if etched and pressed into wax, it would melt it.

History reveals that Ruby was worn as an amulet to ward off epidemic like the plague. Like a protector it warned its wearer of impending danger, kept the body safe, and dismissed sadness and negativity.

The Ruby Necklaces by James Viana pay tribute to this rich history while bringing a contemporary signature to it through refined and graceful designs. Be a cut above the rest and bask in the glory of the Ruby. James Viana will change your perception about the real artistry of Ruby Necklaces.

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