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The desire to inherit Ruby has been the same since time immemorial. As a representative of passion, Ruby makes an ideal extravagant gift. It is the lush colour of the stone that attracts people globally.

What is better than Ruby jewellery? A lovely set of Ruby jewellery of course! Brought to you by James Viana, this melange of Ruby Jewellery has been made for the lovers of the Ruby Gemstone. Showcasing all of its wonders, these sets are a harmonious blend of heart, soul and passion.

The perfect gift to bring back passion into your life, the Ruby’s ability to rekindle lost flame is truly a legend. Presenting it to your loved one during an anniversary is seen as a significant gesture! This symbol of everlasting love will say the words that are in your mind.

Taking inspiration from the sets that were worn by the royalty of yesteryear, these sets are indeed fit for Kings and Queens! An amalgamation of all the talent at James Viana has been utilised to realise this dream-worthy jewellery. Now, the time has come to make all your desires a reality.

The Ruby Jewellery Sets from James Viana await.

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