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The irrefutable King of the Gemstones, the Ruby is as rare as it is magnificent! This most famous and fabled gemstone is extremely valuable. Birthstone for July, Ruby is prominently known to keep up the energy levels and stimulate positivity. Derived from the Latin word 'Red', Ruby beckons all the properties of this spontaneous colour. Being a heart-centred stone, this fiery and captivating gem epitomises the Divine love of the Creator.

Possessing qualities worthy of the zenith, the rubies from James Viana are deep crimson, with an opulent brilliance and exceptional hardness. In its finest forms, there will hardly be a gemstone that matches the reality of the Ruby.

Choose from the most unique collection of jewellery including rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants among others with grandiose of Ruby gemstones embedded in the heart of each piece. James Viana has taken great care to ensure that only the rarest of the rare Ruby gems are ingrained in this collection.

Add vivacity to your collection and your look, with the deep red hues of the Ruby emitting life itself unto you. This flawless collection of Ruby jewellery will be the masterpiece that will set you apart from the rest. Bask in the glory of the most magnificent of gemstones.

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