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Ruby is prominently known as the queen of stones and the stone of kings. It was always believed that this magnificent gemstone surpassed all other valuable stones in virtue, and exceeded the properties of the Diamond too. Kublai Khan - the Chinese Emperor, was said to have compromised an entire city in exchange for a sizable Ruby.

History reveals that Ruby has always been a charm of passion, protection and victory. It symbolises the sun, and its alluring glow implies an eternal flame that legends claim could not be deceived and would shine through even the thickest clothing.

Surrender to the beauty of Ruby and bring majesty to your earring collection with these stunning earrings by James Viana. Available in many designs and breath-taking intricacies, these earrings will bring to the fore, the most magnificent of gemstones! Discover the perfect pair for any occasion, studded with only the highest standard of gemstones.

A symbol of vitality and warmth, the Ruby is a gemstone that uplifts any jewellery collection. Adorning and decorating every aspect of royalty throughout the ages, these rubies are now yours. Let their heritage be the shining luminescence that enriches your notions of beauty.

Bringing in contemporary, classical and sophisticated styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice as your peruse our collection. Hand-picked by the experts from James Viana, these Ruby earrings will compliment any collection. Make a fashion statement no matter where you pass.


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