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Bracelets add a charm and an intangible allure to any wardrobe. And when embedded with deep red gemstones they add that extravagance. Red depicts most powerful emotions from love, anger, passion to fury. This highly attractive colour is associated with both power and desire too. Since ages, Rubies were treasured for their resemblance to the colour of the blood and hence it was believed that rubies possessed the power of life.

Not only this, Rubies are considered to be amongst the precious 12 stones created by God.

The Ruby Bracelets from James Viana have been crafted to be the absolute zenith of understated and contemporary beauty. Ingrained heavenly, rich crimson Ruby gemstones, are the ultimate style statement that needs nothing but one look.

Fashioned from the latest and greatest trends of today while imbibing the spirit of grace gone by, these bracelets are made to be icons one can flaunt. Drawing timeless vivacity and vigour from the best Ruby gemstones, you will be enlivened upon wearing this exclusive collection. Let the remnant of the purest flawlessness now be yours.

These Rubies have been treated with utmost care and meticulousness by the craftsman at James Viana.

They have brought to life the finer, hidden points of this gemstone while carefully weaving them into the bracelets. Our Ruby bracelets are the assurance of magnificence that you’ve been looking for and are a perfect gift for the 15th and 40th anniversaries.

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