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Quartz is adored by many gemstone purists globally. It is one of the most valuable minerals on earth. Derived from the German word ‘quarz’ it measures seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. Quartz can be cut and carved in many shapes and sizes and hence has been used for centuries in the conception of jewellery and ornaments. The Japanese believed that Quartz was created from the breath of white dragon and hence was always considered as the stone of perfection.

It's malleable characteristics along with the infinite colour varieties available, and outstanding durability, give it a universal acclaim. Taking inspiration from the best aspects of the Quartz, James Viana’s collection of Quartz rings are sure to please you!

Able to stand in for its seemingly more precious brethren gemstones, the Quartz will become the all-purpose part of your accessory collection. Combined with the awesome designs of rings available from James Viana, you will be able to showcase the best of this much-loved gemstone.

With a promise to be eternally pure, these Quartz rings are a vow of beauty that you seek. No jewellery collection can be complete with just the perfect rings, for any occasion. Ingrained with breath-taking Quartz gemstones, these rings will complete your collection.

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