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Quartz is the most common gemstone found on planet earth. Available in numerous colours and varieties, this master gemstone beckons power, energy, and clarity.

Renowned as a “universal crystal”, Quartz adds a tinge of beauty to the jewellery and the one inheriting it. Enhancing the thought process it directs and amplifies energy, and is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling.

Pendants carry the soul of any jewellery collection, and you feel proudest when the beauty of your pendant collection is complimented. So, the coveted Quartz Pendants by James Viana are veritably the perfect fit for your desires. Exuding a rare air of glamour, these pendants are the key to your glee.

Its beauty is most definitely not its only talent! The Quartz is believed to be a great channel and conductor of positivity. It aids the wearer during activities like meditation, healing and concentration by strengthening their thoughts and amplifying their characteristics. The Pendants by James Viana bring to light the many benefits of the Quartz.

Meant to bring you to the centre of attention of any event, casual or formal, the many tints and tones of the Quartz will set you apart. Available in a wide variety of designs and patterns, these Pendants from James Viana will be your ideal and elegant companion.

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