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Quartz gemstone is one of the most visually alluring gemstones owing to its many hues.

Leonardo Da Vinci mentioned that amethyst, one of the most valuable stones in the Quartz family, was able to disseminate evil thoughts and strengthen intelligence.

The Rock crystal and smoky quartz were once used for crystal balls that disclosed the future to fortune tellers, witches and gypsies. Amethyst is February’s birthstone while Citroen is the birthstone for November. Apart from this, various other stones from the Quartz family are believed to heal numerous ailments.

Amethyst, rock crystal, tiger's eye cure headaches while chalcedony, hawk's eye, onyx, relieve eye inflammation. Heart diseases are cured by Rose chalcedony, rose quartz and Pancreas by  Amethyst, Citrine, yellow jasper. Sciatica, Varicose veins, and Toenails also can be healed with various other stones in the Quartz family.

Quartz is attributed as an ideal gemstone for jewellery. Found in almost every colour, it forms an essential part of a well-rounded jewellery collection. These Quartz Necklaces by James Vina are well-poised to give you all the visual delights of the Quartz!

Called the power stone by many around the world the Quartz is truly a universal crystal. Able to store, emit, amplify, balance and even focus energies, it is undeniably a source of great inner power to the wearer. Embedded in immeasurably beautiful Necklaces, the gifts of the Quartz are braced to be yours.

Taking fashion trends a step further, these Necklace designs exude a timeless quality. Made with foresight as well as an eye for the uncommonly beautiful, they will match your expectations. Prepare to stun your peers with the splendour of these Quartz Necklaces by James Viana.

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