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Harmony, balance and incredible creativity amalgamate to form the rich Quartz Jewellery Sets by James Viana.

Bringing together the best of Quartz jewellery, these sets have been created to adorn you with the individualistic image that you seek. Available in a variety of luscious colours, these Quartz gemstones will soon form the soul of your collection.

Previously used to craft crystal balls, the Quartz possesses many abilities that make it an exquisite gem. It is uniquely capable of healing romantic relationships, and so is the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

Ordinary yet remarkable, colourful and bright, Quartz crystals are the most popular and plentiful in the world, comprising the biggest and most assorted family in the mineral fraternity, they are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest crystal is powerful and imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher.

Experts for a long time have believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once in every ten decades, and many cultures also thought them to be incarnations of the Divine.

Peruse some truly magnificent sets till you find the one made for you. James Viana assures that the quality and lustre of these gemstones will never wane, and the materials used in the jewellery are of the highest-grade available. These Quartz Jewellery sets will last for a lifetime.

Avail the gift-wrapping facilities by James Viana and delight your loved one no end!

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