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Quartz is one of the most accomplished and popular gems on earth. Since time immemorial it has been known as the common chameleon of gemstones, because it stands in for more expensive gems ranging from diamond to jade. The incredible variety and the spectrum of colours available have made Quartz a priceless gemstone.

The beauty and variety of the Quartz are abundant in nature, and it inevitably forms a part of any jewellery collection. Versatile and flexible, it can be cut into almost any shape to form intricate patterns that adorn any detailed jewellery. The Quartz Jewellery collection by James Viana brings to the forefront, the many colours and shapes of this beautiful gemstone.

Ranging from meticulously designed rings to delicate bracelets, stunning pendants, contemporary necklaces and more, our collection is sure to fulfil all your Quartz needs! Said to strengthen the core attributes of any individual, this gemstone will be a pure reflection of you.

Adorning important monuments around the world for centuries, the time has now come to make it a part of your collection. With such a gorgeous gemstone, don’t make any compromises. Select from the best Quartz jewellery available in the UK from James Viana. This lovely gem deserves every bit of your affection.

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