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A choice of earrings in no decision to be trifled with, it could make or break the entirety of your carefully put together wardrobe. So, the strength in numbers and the variety of the Quartz earrings available from James Viana will more than aid your selection of the perfect pair of earrings!

Abundance is quite a theme with the Quartz gemstone, coming in numerous colours and shapes, each with its iridescence and personality. Quartz is a Master Healer stone. It amplifies not only healing energy but also possesses adequate powers to perform diagnostic healing. Thus, this power stone strengthens all body systems.

Not only this, Quartz is said to provide psychic protection as it counters black magic and restricts negative energy. Curing the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision, Quartz was always believed to be advantageous to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

Hence, Quartz is believed to be the harbinger of growth and positive energy. It is due to these powers; the Quartz should truly be a staple of any jewellery collection.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity, and these understated designs are taken to heart with the collection of Quartz earrings from James Viana. Joy lies in the details; each design has been crafted to utter perfection. So, let these classic Quartz earrings bring you closer to the image of purity.

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