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Bracelets are those compliments that accentuate your carefully put together wardrobe and elevate it to another level. The Quartz Bracelets by James Viana are bands of luxury that will take your jewellery collection higher. With a careful eye on every minutiae, the perfection you seek will now be on your wrists.

Possessing the most powerful supernatural abilities, the Quartz gemstone offers unique benefits to the wearer. A shining symbol of clarity, it brings peace of mind and body, while also imbibing spirituality and wisdom. Inherit this therapeutic gemstone and boost your energy, bring more grace, harmony to your life, balance to your analytical aspects and learn to make better choices.

Not only this, when embellished and worn as a bracelet, Quartz subtly entices a balance of seven colour rays to one's body, emotions, and mind. In the process, it corrects any colour ray imbalances in the physical and subtle bodies making it more balanced on fundamental levels of life.

The Quartz Bracelets by James Viana will serve you well on your journey towards peace and beauty.

You no more will merely covet the preciousness of the many forms of the Quartz. James Viana has ensured that your desires receive what they seek, a timeless marvel for your collection.

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