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Peridot is renowned as a noteworthy gemstone for manifestation of all the desires and aspirations.

Forever individualistic, the Peridot gemstone has the privileged feature of being found in only a single colour, green. Evergreen in all their hues, these Peridot rings will remain singularly beautiful for time immemorial. Embedded with the most vibrant of gemstones, they’ll bring undeniable lustre to your collection.

Peridot efficiently provides an aid to friendship and sets the  mind free of envious thoughts. It protects the wearer from the evil eye. Like the shamrock from Ireland, this elegant green gemstone is said to bring an endless flow of luck and good fortune to the wearer. With that, it brings peace and serenity as well. Not only this, other legends credit Peridot with attracting lovers, and strengthening the eyes. The great Roman philosopher, Pliny quoted aptly that

Peridot is dull during daylight but glows like a hot coal by night.

You’ll feel infinitely more powerful once you put on these Peridot rings. Sparing no innovation in design, James Viana have brought you designs seldom seen before. Your peers and acquaintances will be awestruck with your ring collection.

Truly, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve made the right decision and these Peridot rings are as bright as the sunshine.

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