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Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August, is also gifted in celebration of the 16th

year of marriage. Earrings can bring the right blend of elegance and class to any attire. The Peridot Earrings from James Viana, crafted with the most modern techniques, will bring rare

eminence to your collection. These verdant gemstones have gained in popularity due to the brilliance of their colours. Called ‘The Gem of the Sun’ in days gone by, the Peridot was known far and wide for its ability to chase away negative feelings and ill-health when held close to the skin. An ideal summer gemstone, Peridot provides a remarkable cure to the diseases of the liver and difficulties with digestion. It is believed to efficiently aid detoxification and cures problems with the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder, and the stomach. With its tonic effects

Peridot heals and regenerates tissues, strengthens the metabolism and benefits the skin

too.Having a decorated history including traversing the Mediterranean during the Crusades, the gemstone was sought by many a royal families. Now, it is yours to behold.

The beauty of this gemstone has only been enhanced by the luminance of our earring

collection. Our numerous designs are truly flawless in every shape and form as nothing

less than that would befit our customers. So, let these Peridot earrings be the darlings of

your collection.

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