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The spirit of each gemstone is unique and the Peridot is truly the best example of this. Found in only Olivine Green in nature, the Peridot stands proud amidst the sea of gemstones.

It fosters emotional balance, security, and inner peace. Thus soothing nervousness, healing emotional and physical pain, and lightening the suffering. Apart from curing physical ailments, Peridot is a perfect antidote for curing the matters of the heart too.

The harbinger of psychological clarity, Peridot activates and cleanses the heart, thus easing the burden of living in the past and holding on to memories that pose as counter-productive.

James Viana has utilised this individuality to bring forth the best from these Peridot Bracelets.

It is not just calming to the eyes but also to the soul as it is said to be the harbinger of peace and tranquillity. It soothes the nerves of the wearer and frees their mind of any unrequited weight. You will indeed sleep peacefully with these Peridot bracelets amidst your collection.

Bringing you the best of the Peridot world, these bracelets are class personified. Crafted to the highest standards of fashion, you are sure to receive umpteen compliments from your friends and peers. Be the beauty that everyone looks up to with these marvellous Peridot Pendants from James Viana.  


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