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At the heart of every jewellery collection, is a pendant that just takes your breath away. The Pearl pendants from James Viana are made to be exactly the resplendent soul of your entire wardrobe, shining like the moon. Capturing a hint of that moonlight, these Pearl pendants will bring an excellent quality to your collection.

Symbols of calmness, honesty, and femininity, Pearls are as pure and earnest as they look—they encourage openness, bring truth to light, and quell disruptive behaviour. Pearls have been highly appreciated as gemstones since antiquity, and their appeal and beauty has always been embroidered by the difficulty of obtaining them in early times.

Able to reside both in the world of the classically purist and the sophisticated modernist, the Pearl remains fashionable and chic while carrying itself distinctly. As the wearer of these beautiful pendants, you too will be able to do the same. Rest assured, the Pearls from James Viana have been given the royal treatment.

Coming in numerous colours, each variety has a story of its own taking it back to the depths of the ocean. Adding to your collection, these Pearls will allure you forever. Give your collection a magical lift by purchasing these Pearl pendants from James Viana.

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