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Since the prehistoric times, people have been fascinated by pearls and the shells.

Since 3500 BC pearls were worn in cultured Middle Eastern and Asian societies. It has been recorded that the earliest surviving pearl necklace was found in the casket of a Persian Princess.

Pearls are always appropriate—though not just the Queens and Celebs but all the women deserve to wear pearls!

Pearls are the oldest and the most valuable gems. Worn as a statement of wealth and power, they were believed to bring luck, to ward off evil spirits and to cure ailments. Ruling authorities gave pearls as gifts and were buried with them as a representative of their status.

Bringing together the elegant pieces of Pearl Jewellery, these jewellery sets by James Viana are the epitome of the spiritual grace of the Pearl itself. Attaining perfection would be as simple as trying on one of these sets and looking at the bedazzled expressions of your peers. Now there’s a sight to behold!

Gestating over an extended period to attain their exclusivity, Pearls are offerings by Mother Nature herself in a bid to beautify the world. Assimilating a variety of colours, shapes and properties over this period, Pearls have that vital diversity that can satisfy anyone’s desires. And James Viana indeed carries these varieties in our collection.

Even one piece of Pearl jewellery will add a tinge of nobility to your collection. An entire set, on the other hand, will truly make you feel like royalty! You needn't go through the tiring quest of finding such accessories; they’ve been assembled by James Viana for your delight and pleasure.

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