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It is believed that God wished to create the greatest stone of the sea for his queen. It was then the pearl was created. Since that era Pearls are regarded as a precious gift and harbingers of happiness, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, fortune. They also possess the powers to protect youth, beauty, health, recuperate and heal a lot of diseases too.

Pearl's magical properties vary from one colour to another. While the white pearl brings freedom, brown pearl ropes in wisdom, yellow pearl fosters wealth and the green pearl shower the inheritor with abundant happiness.

Imagine what could these stimulating gemstone do when embedded in sterling silver jewellery.

A truly elegant Pearl Earring is music to the ears! The glint of beauty that reflects off the smooth surface of the Pearl is a sight to behold. So, the earrings from James Viana bring this lustre into every aspect of the design and enrich its natural beauty.

Created by freshwater oysters and mollusks over a period, the best of these naturally occurring gemstones are flawless from the moment of their conception. It is only these epitomes of perfection that James Viana has selected for their earring collection.

Gleaming equally brightly in the sun and the night sky, the Pearl is sure to draw eyes no matter where you travel. Each earring design carries a hint of royalty harking back to the ages of kings and queens. So what say, will you embrace these symbols of nobility?

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