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Like many hidden talents lie behind a simple looking visage, the seemingly quaint Opal hides a myriad of colours and personalities unique to itself. Perfectly engraved in both classical and sophisticated style of rings, the Opal is the soul of this collection.

Ruled by Mercury, when Opal is etched in rings, it improvises communication, fosters hope, heals, illuminates the path of achievement, enhances both imagination and creativity, boosts memory, and it is also known to purify the wearer's blood and kidney systems.

As you gaze at these elegant and captivating rings on your fingers, you will also be able to see the crystal ball-like look of the Opal reflected back at you. This beautiful pattern is another of the many that reside with this unique gemstone. It’s almost like getting many gemstones in one. The Roman historian Pliny referred to Opal as a gemstone “having the fire of the carbuncle, the gorgeous purple of the amethyst and the sea green colour of the emerald, all shining together in incredible union”.

Only the zenith in Opal quality has been used to bring this collection to life, with our experienced hands having created intricate, timeless designs. You are sure to find the ideal item to gift either your loved one or even yourself!

Bring the eternal, mystical quality of the Opal to your fingers through our collection.

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