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A dazzling pendant can do wonders for a jewellery collection and your overall look. Speaking of that sparkle, Pendants made of gleaming Opal gemstones have a sheen unique to their class. The collection at James Viana showcases this enticing twinkle.

Discovered 4000 years ago, Opal is described as 'creator's footprint that touched the earth at the base of a rainbow to bring harmony' according to the Australian mythology. In various other cultures across the world, Opal was also known as the precious eye-stone that was believed to cure the eye-sight.

Almost kaleidoscopic in nature, the Opal is at most times awash with some different hues simultaneously. The wearer of the Opal gemstone is said to be bestowed with a sense of fulfillment and financial prosperity, along with a feeling of unusual calmness. These properties are accurately represented in the designs by James Viana.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “upala”, which means a precious stone, the Opal is indeed many-pronged in its value. A harmonious amalgam of outer and inner splendor, the Opal Pendants from James Viana are exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

The attributes associated with Opal make it an ideal gift for Librans, Scorpions, and couples celebrating their 14th anniversary. So, what are you waiting for?

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