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Opal is not only Australia’s gemstone, but it has also been discovered on Mars! Since time immemorial it has also been associated with supernatural powers due to its incredible phenomena of scattering light and creating every possible colour in the visible spectrum due to diffraction.

A spectrum of opulence is reflected in each of these Opal Necklaces by James Viana. Crafted to make you the center of attraction, these Opal necklaces will leave your friends and peers astonished. Be prepared to answer questions and hand out tips as you pass!

This symbol of positivity and happiness, the Opal is believed to grant the wearer enhanced creativity and imagination as well! Milky in appearance, this sensual gemstone attracts lovers. Associated with the attributes of beauty, intellect and luck, Opal is regarded extremely lucky for people connected to travel and tourism and other institutions too. Proven beneficiary to the wearer’s nervous and immune systems it helps purify his blood and kidney systems as well.

Truly a versatile accessory for both the mind and the soul. Which is exactly why our necklace designs treat this gemstone with such reverence.

Bringing a sense of exclusive luxury to your collection of accessories, these Opal necklaces are available in many exquisite designs, each as beautiful as the next. So choosing your favourite will indeed be worth your time.

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