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Shakespeare attributed Opal as the Queen of Gemstones. Having derived its meaning from Greek and Sanskrit, this great stone is the most treasured gem.

The birthstone for the month of October, Opal is prominently known as the stone of hope and luck.

As exquisite as it is versatile, the iridescence of the Opal gemstone is well known. Reflecting colours almost like a rainbow or a natural prism, each stone carries an individuality that is as rare as it is precious. These gemstones will surely pay homage to your notions of beauty.

Not only this, when embedded in jewellery this powerful gemstone eases the process of transformation, connects with the emotions of the inheritor, fosters clarity by amplifying one’s hidden emotions and desires and resonates one’s feelings.

James Viana has some of the finest collections of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more that bring the radiance of the Opal to the forefront, where it deserves to be. Said to be a symbol of royalty since time immemorial, they will shine brightly in your collection.

So, as you skim through at your pleasure and are enamored by their beauty, rest assured that James Viana promises quality that will leave no room for complaint, only for your delight. Let the sparkle of the Opal be the inspiration for your next collection.

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