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An assortment of the perfect jewellery pieces only creates further perfection. These beautiful Opal Jewellery sets by James Viana have been crafted with individualistic personalities, yet coming together in a harmonious blend. You truly get the best of all the worlds.

Opal is arguably the unique, diverse, and beautiful birthstone. Unlike most gemstones, opal does not have a defined crystalline structure. It takes on many shapes and colors and in that way is pretty unpredictable. High on water content is one of the most delicate and fragile gemstones. Opals are the only gems that can be inherited by people other than Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs too.

An Opal is as royal as it is beautiful, forming a breathtaking image of a vibrant rainbow on its surface due to the play of light. Reflecting the rainbow hues, the effect created by Opals when worn is a sight to behold. It will be the talking point among your peers for days to come.

The art of jewellery crafting taken to its height of perfection with meticulous care and a genuine sense of gemstone expertise, these Opal jewellery sets from James Viana will leave you spoilt for choice. These sets are crafted only with the most assorted Opal gemstones available.

So go ahead and make the appropriate choice of selecting the set made for you.

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